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Buying and Selling Antiques - Tea Set
Buying and Selling Antiquities - Vintage Jewelry
Buying and Selling Antiquities - Fine China Tea sets

Busby Antiques & Collectibles specializes in buying and selling Antiquities, Sterling Silver, Fine China, Crystal, and Rare Items in Central Florida (and the surrounding areas), plus a wide array of obscure and unusual collectibles not found at your local antique store.

With over 25 years of experience in many fields of collecting, we have a broad range of knowledge in a variety of high-end collectibles. We pride ourselves in being honest, ethical, and fair in our estimates and item values, both when purchasing and selling.

We are primarily an eBay business. If you are interested in purchasing from us, please visit our Busby Antiques and Collectibles eBay store.

buying and selling Antiquities

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If you have items that you are interested in selling, feel free to browse our Busby Antiques “We Buy” page or contact us directly at (407) 529-6952.

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NOTE: *Please check with us before you scrap silver or any of your Jewelry. We can often pay more than any of the jewelers or scrap gold outfits out there!

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shelly jakesshelly jakes
16:19 24 Jan 23
Mr. Busby was sooo very helpful in evaluating my antique pieces. He was patient, honest and delightful to work with. He is aware of the collecting trends, as well as, has an eye for what will sell in the current market.
Richard CimermanRichard Cimerman
00:11 03 Oct 22
I first met Chad in the late 80s when he was still a teenager and selling comic books (and toys) in Gainesville Florida where I was a graduate student and doing the same.Over the years I followed his career, transacted with him and even learned a few things.I’m no longer in that business and his knowledge now far exceeds mine but the important thing is that I was always found him to be scrupulously honest. I would not hesitate to work with him as a buyer or seller if the occasion arose.
12:50 09 Sep 22
I have taken multiple items to Busby antiques including china, an antique vase that I almost foolishly donated to Goodwill, silverware, and jewelry. I have found Chad Busby the owner, to be extremely honest and super knowledgeable. In fact when I made my first trip to see him, I had also made inquiries at other locations for my jewelry but he offered a higher price for my items. I highly recommend Busby Antiques for anyone looking to part with or determine the value of antique items. His knowledge is amazing on antiques and jewelry.His son Tyler also deals with vintage instruments too, so I recently brought one in they are helpjng me with.Very honest and knowlegeable, highly recommend!
Ken NewhouseKen Newhouse
00:07 31 Dec 21
We used Busby Antiques in the summer of 2021 in conjunction with his other Estate and Liquidation services. This company does it all and Chad is also a licensed Florida Realtor if you need to sell your home.Chad was able to evaluate our inherited home contents and let us know what was valuable and what was not. There is a large amount of misinformation on the Internet when it comes to antiques. Chad has access to professional industry recognized sites and was very knowledgeable in all aspects of antique values. He also deals in both gold and silver jewelry and may be willing to purchase these from you directly at current market prices if you are interested in that as well.This is a highly reputable and honest company and he provided a great service for our family. I give this company 5 stars - highly recommended
Dena GeldertDena Geldert
19:07 19 Mar 21
Michele OstranderMichele Ostrander
16:41 05 Mar 19
Wonderful honest experience with Chad, the owner. Chad came to my house and was very personable and purchased my antiques. He was very professional and was fair in his pricing. Overall, it was a smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Busby Antiques!


Yes and no. Haggling or negotiating prices is often accepted and even expected in many antique stores, especially in regions where bargaining is part of the culture. However, it’s important to be respectful and understand that some items may have fixed prices. Always approach the negotiation politely, and if a seller is firm on a price, respect their decision.

The answer can vary depending on which country you are referring to. In the U.S., for instance, the city of Warrenton in Texas is known for its massive antique show, but there are many large antique malls and stores throughout the country.

There are several places that claim this title, but Adamstown, Pennsylvania, is often referred to as the “Antiques Capital of the United States” because of its numerous antique stores, markets, and shows.

Start by researching and learning about the specific items you are interested in. When shopping, carefully inspect the item for authenticity, markings, damage, or repairs. Ask the seller about the item’s history and provenance. Always be sure of the item’s return policy. And if the price seems too high, don’t be afraid to negotiate!

Trends in decor and collecting constantly evolve. While some periods or styles might fall out of favor for a time, they often resurface later. The appreciation for quality, history, and craftsmanship ensures that antiques will always have a place in decor and collecting.

Pricing antiques can be done by researching sold listings on auction sites, consulting price guides, hiring a professional appraiser, or comparing prices in antique stores or shows. Condition, rarity, provenance, and demand all play a role in an item’s value.

The best time can vary based on the specific item and market conditions. Generally, spring and fall are active seasons for antique shows and auctions. However, online marketplaces have made it possible to sell antiques year-round.

It depends. Some antiques appreciate in value due to their rarity, historical significance, or increased demand. Others might decrease in value because of changing tastes or market saturation. As with any investment, there’s no guaranteed appreciation.

Factors include rarity, condition, historical significance, craftsmanship, and demand. Items with a known provenance or from a particular period or maker can also command higher prices.

This varies by item. In some cases, restoration can enhance the value, especially if it’s done professionally and maintains the item’s integrity. However, in other cases, restoration can decrease an item’s value, particularly if original features are altered or lost.

The 100-year rule is a general guideline stating that an item should be at least 100 years old to be considered an antique. However, different regions or organizations might have varying definitions.

While it may seem that antiques have waned in popularity, they still hold appeal for many. Changing lifestyles, modern decor trends, and the transient nature of modern society can influence the perceived popularity of antiques. However, there’s still a robust market for specific items and periods.

No, collecting antiques is not inherently hoarding. Collecting is typically a curated process where items are sought after for their aesthetic, historical, or monetary value. Hoarding, on the other hand, is characterized by the compulsive accumulation of items regardless of their value, often to the point of creating unlivable conditions.