The Evolution and Collectability of GI Joe Action Figures

GI Joe action figures have been a popular toy for over 50 years, evolving with the times to remain relevant to new generations of kids. For collectors, certain vintage GI Joes action figures and accessories are highly valuable and sought-after.

This article will provide an overview of the history of GI Joe, the key eras and characters, and tips for collectors looking to buy or sell these iconic toys.

Introduction to GI Joe

GI Joe was created and launched by the toy company Hasbro in 1964 as one of the first action figures marketed to boys. The early 12-inch tall GI Joe featured lifelike details like movable joints and gripping hands, unlike the stiff army men toys of the era.

Accessories like guns, backpacks, and uniforms made GI Joe a huge hit.

Vintage GI Joes: 12-Inch Figures from 1964-1969

The earliest GI Joes from 1964-1969 are the most sought-after by advanced collectors today. These vintage 12-inch figures came in military and adventure themes like Action Soldier, Action Sailor, and Action Pilot.

Unique accessories like the Bazooka, Jeep, and Karate gear make certain Joes worth more. The vibrant box art also adds value for mint-in-box collectors.

The Advent of Adventure Team 1970-1976

In 1970, Hasbro rebranded 12-inch GI Joe as the Adventure Team. These figures had life-like hair and could grip accessories with bendable fingers dubbed “Kung-Fu Grip.”

Characters like Mike Power, Atomic Man, and the Intruders expanded GI Joe beyond just military themes. With comic books and a TV commercial, GI Joe was becoming a multimedia brand.

The Rise of the Modern 3.75-Inch GI Joes

In 1982, GI Joe downsized to a 3.3⁄4-inch figure with o-ring articulation for more poseability and playability. The line incorporated characters and vehicles from the GI Joe comic series like Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and the HISS Tank.

 Rare hooded Cobra Commander Gi Joe action figure

Unique variations like the hooded Cobra Commander and the massive USS Flagg aircraft carrier ship are incredibly rare.

Tips for Collecting and Selling Vintage GI Joes

For buyers or sellers, it’s important to inspect condition and completeness when valuing GI Joes. Be aware of reproductions, and join online groups to connect with fellow collectors. Focus on rare figures, accessories, packaging, and variants to discover treasures. With proper research, GI Joe collecting can be a fulfilling and lucrative hobby.

The Bottom Line

For over 50 years, GI Joe action figures have remained an iconic American toy through reinvention and relevance. With new movies and media keeping GI Joe in pop culture, vintage Joes from key eras will continue to be treasured by collectors. Whether you played with GI Joes as a kid or discovered them as a collector, these toys represent important history.

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