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How to Collect Authentic WWE Action Figures

Do you love WWE and its action figures? These collectibles, from the classic LJN figures to the detailed Mattel ones now, have changed a lot.1 With1 millions around the world hooked, collecting real WWE action figures is a popular hobby.

Maybe you want to bring home your favorite WWE superstars and legends. Or perhaps you see collecting as a smart choice. Understanding the world of WWE toys and wrestling figurines is thrilling but tricky. This guide will show you the ropes. We’ll look at how WWE action figures have changed, how to spot the real ones, and why collecting them is so fun.

Key Takeaways

  • WWE action figures have evolved from stiff plastic to highly articulated masterpieces with advanced laser scanning technology.
  • Authentic WWE figures can be identified by official Mattel “Certified Authentic” holograms and attention to detail.
  • Collecting WWE action figures offers the ability to recreate dream matches and the potential for investment value.
  • Online marketplaces and specialty shops provide the widest selection of current and vintage WWE collectibles.
  • The WWE action figure collecting community is thriving, with online forums and resources to connect enthusiasts.

The Evolution of WWE Action Figures

The first WWE action figures came out in the 1980s. LJN made them from hard plastic. They didn’t move much.2 But since then, WWE toys have gotten much better. Companies like Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, and now Mattel have made them more exciting. Each new improvement made them look and move more like real wrestlers.

From Stiff Plastic to Highly Articulated Masterpieces

Mattel is now making the WWE action figures. They use cool laser technology. This makes the figures look just like the real WWE stars.1 These new action figures move in lots of ways. They look almost real. This is a big change from the old, stiff toys.

Laser Scanning Technology for Unparalleled Realism

Mattel wants the figures to look as real as possible. They keep using new tech to make them better.1 This means we can expect even cooler WWE toys in the future. With more fans and new stars, there will be lots of new figures to collect.

FigurePriceAge RangeKey Features
Mattel Elite Roman Reigns$23.948+2 sets of interchangeable hands, alternative head, and chest
Mattel Elite Randy Orton$54.908+Detailed tattoo work, alternate hands
Mattel “Macho Man” Randy Savage$24.976+Lifelike facial details
Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Undertaker$43.978+Multiple heads, hands, and Undertaker’s cloak
Mattel Elite Brock Lesnar$24.978+Numerous articulation points for precise posing
WWE Championship Showdown Charlotte Flair & Rhea Ripley$25.978+Double-pack featuring two figures
WWE WrestleMania 2022 Elite Bret Hitman Hart$27.978+Includes a piece of the Vince McMahon Build-a-Figure

Identifying Authentic WWE Action Figures

The interest in WWE action figures is growing. This makes it key for collectors to spot real, officially licensed action figures.3 Mattel, the brand’s current licensee, adds a “Certified Authentic” hologram sticker to Elite-class figures’ packaging. This sticker helps fans know their purchase is the real deal.2 Buyers should look for this hologram. They must also check the figure’s quality and how closely it resembles the wrestler. This way, they can be sure they’re buying authenticating wwe action figures.

Knowing a genuine spotting fake wwe toys is important. Especially when looking at valuable, rare wwe figure certification items.2 Old wrestling figures, if still in their original packaging from the ’80s, can sell for a lot. Prices can go into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Being able to tell what’s real and what’s not, or how to identify real wwe merchandise, is crucial. It helps protect the value of our collections.

The Allure of WWE Action Figures

WWE action figures are very special to fans and collectors. They let you make dream matches and scenes not seen before.4 Also, some figures can become more valuable with time, making them a good investment.5

Recreating Dream Matches

Modern WWE action figures are detailed and movable, with4 over 20 joints in some. This means you can play out dream wrestling matches. From classic fights to what-ifs, the fun is in making these scenes.

Collectible Value and Investment Potential

Older LJN and Hasbro WWE figures can now be very expensive. Some are sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.5 This makes collecting figures an interesting way to grow money for some.

People are drawn to WWE action figures for many reasons. For some, it’s the chance to relive beloved wrestling moments. For others, it’s the excitement of seeing their collection’s value go up.4 These figures not only connect fans to WWE, they’re also a great way to have fun.

Where to Buy WWE Action Figures

How can collectors get real WWE action figures? They have many ways to look. They can check out stores and websites just for collecting. This makes finding the figures they want easier. Visit our buying action figures page today!

Traditional Retail Stores

Walmart, Target, and toy stores have new WWE figures from Mattel. This is a good place to start for people who are starting their collection. These places have figures that fit different budgets and tastes.

Online Marketplaces and Specialty Shops

Online sites like eBay, Amazon, and special wrestling figure websites are great. They have both common and rare WWE figures. Plus, you can find limited-edition ones that are hard to find in stores.

RingsideCollectibles.com stands out for their big selection and great service.6They hold a 4.8/5 from over 200,000 reviews. So, fans know they can get trusted, real WWE figures there.6People can shop at stores in person or choose from many figures online. It’s easy to grow their collection with real, valuable pieces. This way, collectors can make sure they’re getting top-quality WWE figures for their collections.

Building and Displaying Your Collection

Starting a WWE action figure collection is fun. Many fans like to make special displays. They might use tiny wrestling rings or dioramas.7 Others keep it simple with shelves or cases on the wall.8 The main thing is to show off the figures well. It should also show your own style and favorites.

Creative Display Ideas

There are so many ways to show off your WWE figures. Some fans like to set up famous wrestling scenes with their figures.7 Others might organize their collection by wrestler or time period.7 No matter what, they’re trying to make their display look amazing. This shows how much they love collecting.

You can make your display as big or small as you want. The most important thing is to enjoy it and be creative.8 You can use any type of display. From glass cases to big bookshelves, there are many choices. Your display should be both beautiful and show your unique style.8

Collecting Tips and Strategies

Many WWE action figure collectors have a clear plan. They might pick only certain WWE stars or times. Or, they could try to get every figure ever made.9 Collectors choose what they like best. For example, some stick to themes like superheroes or Star Wars.9

Focusing Your Collection

Choosing a focus for your WWE figures can be really fun. You can learn a lot about your favorite wrestler or a WWE time period. This choice makes your collection special.10 Prices for WWE Basic Series figures are about $10.10 Elite Series figures are around $20.10 Ultimate Edition figures are between $30 and $40.10

Graded vs Ungraded Figures

Deciding between graded and ungraded figures is important. Graded figures are checked by professionals and kept safe in cases. They usually sell for more and give buyers peace of mind.11 Confirming a figure’s authenticity is key. Collectors should look at the packaging, compare prices, and know the seller.11 Ungraded figures offer more choices and can be customized. But, their condition and value can vary.9 Some collectors keep the figures in their boxes to keep them valuable. Others prefer to play and display them.9

Focused wwe collectibles

The WWE Action Figure Community

The WWE action figure collection community is a lively and helpful group of fans. They love sharing their enthusiasm for these toys.3 Ever since the 1980s, WWE figures have been top picks, beating out favorites like G.I. Joe and Batman. They’ve even outshined Ninja Turtles.3 Websites like WrestlingFigs.com, RingsideCollectibles.com, and WrestlingSuperstore.com are key for collectors. They use these sites to talk about new figures and share their tips and advice. This helps them stay updated on the latest happenings with WWE action figures.

Online Forums and Resources

The wwe figure collector community, online wwe toy collector forums, and wwe action figure resources are full of info for fans. They discuss rare figures, show off their favorites, and get help from the pros.3 These groups are important for remembering the history of WWE toy figures. They’ve come a long way from the stiff LJN figures to today’s detailed Mattel figures.

If you’re new or already a big fan of WWE figures, these online places are great to visit.12 In 1999, JAKKS Pacific made an action figure of the massive Kurrgan. He looked powerful, but changes in his role caused some problems for the toy.12 Joining this lively crowd can keep you informed, introduce you to new trends, and let you share your love for these special WWE collectibles.

Customizing WWE Action Figures

Some fans love to make their own . They change the figures or make new ones.13 This lets them show their creativity and make special wrestling figures.13

People often make figures for characters not sold in stores. They might make a figure of Dink or Mr. America.13 They can also make wrestlers like Adam Bomb or Goldust from scratch.13

Making custom figures takes tools like a Dremel and clay.14 You can even mix parts from different toys. This way, they get a figure that looks just right.14

Many collectors want special figures that you can’t buy in a store.13 There are creators who make these figures very detailed. They make figures that collectors really like.13

wwe figure customization

Making custom figures lets fans create what they like.15 The store has been around since 2018. Now, it has new items for sale. People are excited to see all the custom parts and accessories available.15

Custom PartPrice
John Morrison Bandana and Sunglass Set$9.99
Shredded Tan Arms with Black/White Wrist Tape and Extra Set of Hands$7.99
Mr. T Full Legs$15.99
Hulk Hogan Black Pants Suit Full Leg$14.99
Red Suit Pants with Red Boots$14.99

The store likes to work together to offer special items.15 They want customers to see the new parts. Some popular choices are already gone, like Shawn Michaels Full Legs.15

Preserving and Maintaining Your Collection

Keeping your WWE action figure collection in top condition is key.16 Use protective cases and keep them away from sunlight.17 Dust and rough handling can hurt your figures, so be careful.16 Good care helps your WWE action figures stay valuable for years.

Storage and Display Considerations

16 The IRIS USA 5 Gallon Lockable Storage Totes with Lids and the IRIS USA 26.95 Quart Stackable Plastic Storage Bins with Lids are great for this. They come in 6-packs.16 These containers are just the right size for keeping your WWE figures safe. They stack well, too.

16 To really protect your collection, use airtight containers and special bags.16 Don’t forget to shield your figures from UV light and label everything. This keeps your collection organized and safe.

Protecting Your Investment

17 If your figure costs over $100, put it in a sealed glass case. This wards off dust and moisture.17 Keep your collection at about 70°F with 35-45% humidity. Cover it with insurance, too, in case of any accidents or disasters.17 But remember, even sealed cases can’t fully block out temperature changes and sunlight.

17 Cleaning once a month with canned air and a soft brush keeps them looking new.17 For plastic figures without electronics, try effervescent dental tablets. Remove batteries to stop acid leaks.17 Use cloth gloves to handle them and clean with isopropyl alcohol when needed. These steps will keep your WWE toys in good shape for the long haul.

Future of WWE Action Figure Collecting

The world of future of wwe action figure collecting is always changing. Many new figures are on the way, thanks to Mattel. These new figures look more real and move better than before.18 For example, figures like ELITE 105 and ELITE 106 are coming soon. They will have today’s top WWE stars.

Every day, the WWE brand gets more fans. This means lots of new stars and stories. Collectors will see many new figures they will love.18 There will be always something new, making collecting fun for everyone.19

Thanks to fans and new technology, WWE action figures will keep getting better. The future looks really good for those who love collecting. We can expect figures that look just like our favorite WWE heroes.1819


Collecting WWE action figures is a favorite hobby. It has grown from simple figures to detailed ones. This shows how much people love WWE and collecting.20

Finding real pieces and knowing where to get them is key. Fans can enjoy collecting by knowing how to handle and show off their figures. It’s a fun and satisfying hobby.21

The figures will keep getting more realistic and fun. This makes collecting even more exciting for fans.20 Especially with lots of new figures and a strong community. The hobby’s future is looking good.

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