Sell your Fine China and Tableware

Buy or sell your fine china and tableware from Busby Antiques & Collectibles in Orlando, Fl.

Busby Antiques and Collectibles is always buying fine quality Fine China, Stoneware and Casual Tableware! The quickest and easiest way to find out if we are buying your specific pattern is to either fill out our online form HERE, or simply give us a call at (office number). All we need is the maker and pattern of the china, and we can tell you if it is a pattern we are buying. If you are unsure of either the maker or pattern, just send us a picture of the front and back of a dinner plate so that we can identify it for you. You could also text us at (407) 529-6952.

If you would like to know more on how we buy or sell your fine china and tableware, and how we price it please read on….

Many patterns of China, Stoneware and other tableware can be quick collectible and have high value. However, some is nearly worthless. For you china to have significant value, it need not be antique. It doesn’t even really need to be that fine! What it does need to be is at least somewhat in demand. Here are some quick tips to help you determine if your china or tableware is something we would be interested in:

  • Patterns that are visually pleasing or traditionally in demand tend to be the best sellers. Some examples of hot sellers are patterns like Lenox Holiday or Autumn, Royal Doulton Carlyle, Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted, Noritake Royal Orchard, etc.
  • Expensive brands usually have better resale values, as long as they are decent pattern (see the rule above). Even the best makers of Fine China have made many patterns that, in retrospect, are not very aesthetically pleasing. These patterns sometimes have literally no resale value, as there is no demand.
  • High demand patterns made by Inexpensive or lower-end makers are sometimes collectible and sell for surprisingly good money. Most people think of Mikasa as lower end china, but some of their patterns sell for surprisingly good money!
  • Quite often, low demand patterns have one or two rare pieces that are high value. Make sure and send us a complete inventory to be sure we don’t miss a rare piece!

When determining value of your china, please see our tutorial video on HOW TO APPRAISE YOUR ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES FOR FREE (link to video blog)