The Force is Strong with These Star Wars Toy Titans

For over 40 years, Star Wars toys have let fans young and old bring their favorite characters and vehicles from a galaxy far, far away into their own homes. Major players like Hasbro and Lego have kept the force alive with widely popular toy lines for all ages.

Meanwhile, companies like Funko, Hot Toys, and Sideshow Collectibles have focused on exquisitely crafted collectibles to satisfy the most discerning Jedi. With expansive selections of action figures, buildable sets, detailed replicas, and more, these leading Star Wars toy brands continue to use the power of play to keep fans connected to this legendary sci-fi saga.

Here are some of the most popular Star Wars toy brands:

  • Hasbro Hasbro is one of the major licensees of Star Wars toys and has produced action figures, vehicles, role-play items, and more since 1977. Some of their most popular Star Wars toy lines include The Vintage Collection, The Black Series, and Star Wars Mission Fleet.
  • LegoLego has had the Star Wars license since 1999 and has produced a huge range of Star Wars sets over the years, from small buildable figures to large-scale vehicles and playsets. Some popular Lego Star Wars themes include their Ultimate Collector Series, buildable figure sets, and sets based on specific ships like the Millennium Falcon.
  • FunkoFunko makes highly stylized vinyl Star Wars figures known as Pop! vinyls. They cover a wide range of characters from the movies, shows, and expanded universe. Their Star Wars Pop! line is one of their most extensive.
  • HasLabHasLab is Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform that has produced high-end Star Wars collectibles like a replica of Jabba’s Sail Barge and a life-size animatronic Grogu (Baby Yoda). These limited-edition items are aimed at adult collectors.
  • Hot Toys – Hot Toys makes incredibly detailed 1/6th scale Star Wars figures, often with likenesses so accurate they look like real people. They focus on characters from the movies and shows. Their products are high-end collectibles.
  • Sideshow CollectiblesSideshow produces premium 1/6th scale Star Wars figures as well as statues and busts aimed at collectors. They also distribute Hot Toys figures in certain markets.
Disney Star Wars Action Figures

So in summary, major toy companies like Hasbro and Lego produce Star Wars toys aimed at a wide audience, while brands like Funko, HasLab, Hot Toys, and Sideshow cater more exclusively to adult collectors.

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